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Vertical Machining Centres

Vertical Machining Centres – Acramatic, Fanuc, Heidenhain, Mitsubishi Controls

Acramatic 2100, Fanuc OT and Fanuc 16/18/21i/T, Heidenhain TNC145 – TNC426, Mitsubishi M50, M64 Controls

Operator/Programming Courses will be conducted over a period of typically 1 to 4 days dependant on previous knowledge/experience, normally at the customer’s premises.

Course duration:- 9.30am - 4.00pm

Training courses are scheduled to coincide with customer machine deliveries/enquiries.

The following subject areas will be covered during the Course:-

  • Introduction to machine and control.
  • 'Point to Point' Programming
  • Overview of preparatory codes used with each control.
  • Program structure and format.
  • 'Canned Cycles' usage and implementation.
  • Tool/Radius compensation.
  • Full program examples.
  • Setting of tools and datum positions.
  • Operation of machine control.
  • Program creation using the 'Resident Assistant Programmer' (A2100 only)
  • Program 'Test' using Graphical Representation.
  • Individual Customer requirements.
  • Machine and control options – 4th Axis etc

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